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Some of you may be asking yourselves why you should bother with oriental medicine. Afterall, we know that modern western medicine has been a great contribution to human health, especially to cure acute diseases and for operating surgery. However, western medicine tends to ignore many of the side effects as a result of its treatment, which now are becoming more noticeable. There are many chronic diseases where surgery and chemical drugs have been used, and the side effects have become more and more evident.

Currently, the spectrum of diseases is changing, and an increasing number of diseases are becoming more difficult to cure. Furthermore, both the government and people, in all countries, are faced with the problem of the high cost of medical treatment.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system is an extraordinary form of treatment based on oriental medicine, as well as the traditional system of medicine of the world. Its also very economical, and the treatment of diseases is effective, especially in treating chronic diseases. Meantime, TCM has less side effects or no side effects, such as when using the Acupuncture system treatment.

It should be pointed out that there is a important difference between TCM and western medicine. While the treatment principle of TCM first considers the whole human body, western medicine only tests part of the body. Many patients, whom have had their organs, bones, and ligaments tested, ask me why they can't figure out what's causing their problem. Afterall, everything seems normal.

Well, the reason is because their issue is caued by a functional body problem, which turning to TCM for treatment can be very effective. So, while western medicine can be extremely helpful in many ways, there are certain areas where the methods of oriental treatment have proven to be even better.

Today, many western docotrs have already started to research and turn to naturopath (a natural way for treatment of disease). The TCM system belongs to this natural way of treatment. So if you are having a problem that western doctors cannot solve, or if you are looking for a more cost effective way of treatment, feel free to contact me.

I will answer any questions that you have.